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Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties


With 114,000 ceremonies performed every year (that’s more than 300 a day!), our city pumps out “I Do’s” faster than Elvis can say “thank you, thank you very much”.

Other than flowers and the inevitable toast by an inebriated family member, those 300+ weddings also produce swarms of soon to be married bachelors and bachelorettes looking for one last hurrah.

This brings us to our next surprise: Las Vegas also ranked as the number 1 spot to have a Bachelor or Bachelorette Party.

But why? Sure, there are restaurants and clubs and golf courses galore, but what if we told you there was one place that had everything a bachelor  or bachelorette and there entourage could want?

Of course we are talking about Hofbräuhaus Las Vegas.

So, while many things “happen” in Las Vegas, a Bavarian-inspired Party is one that guarantees to stay with you long after the last drop of beer is swallowed and the feel of the paddle has faded. If you’re looking to celebrate your last single days in style or know someone who is and let’s get the party started!

Our Haus is a veritable paradise in the middle of the desert. If by paradise you mean beer, big food, bands, bar games and the chance to take a hit from a Spankstress, that is.

The Legend of The Spanktress

Legend has it that one warm Las Vegas night a bachelor party descended upon our Haus. It was bachelor business as usual—beer, friends, food and, of course, shots. When one of our Dirndl-clad waitresses served a shot for the bachelor while from one of our authentic paddles, he took the shot then pointed at the paddle and asked, “Do I get spanked now?” She was quick to reply, “If you would like to!”

Well, she didn’t have to threaten that bachelor with a good time! He stood up, bent over the table and prepared for his spanking. The waitress wound up and delivered a blow heard ‘round the Haus. The crowd went wild, and we had a new tradition.

Today, our Jäger girl Judy is infamous for her whacks. Clad in black, our paddling princess (or Spankstress if you prefer) can be found serving up shots and swats to those brave enough to accept the challenge. Are you?